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pizza icon panpan pattaya 75Pan Pan Italian restaurant : suitable restaurants for tourists, families, businessmen and corporate meeting. Proofed Italian kitchen: the first restaurant was opened in Bangkok in 1975! The moving to Pattaya happened about a decade after, in 1988. Now we serve to our Thai customers, Italians expat or Italians on vacation, tourists of every nationalitys and travellers from Bangkok nice Italian food.
pizza icon panpan pattaya 75Besides the classic Italian kitchen (or Italian cuisine) with specialty and delicatessen of pasta, meats to the charcoal and pizzas fired in an authentic wood oven, we also offer an assortment of pastry, cakes and, of course, Italian gelato. Everything produced in strictly handmade. The coffee corner proposes, besides classic cappuccino and caffe’ espresso, the “caffe 'mocha", the "macchiato", "milk", Irish coffee, et cetera.Wines are from Italy as well as other geographic areas and them will accompany your meal.

cook pizza 01 You'll be able to consume it at standard prices. The cost of a pizza start at less than 200 baht (Margherita), spaghetti from 190. A second course (or main course) is around 300 (250/350 baht). Cold beers in bottle or draft are ready available. Pan Pan Restaurants Pattaya and jomtien (Chonburi), a small extra care for your dinner.